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History of Quoizel Lighting


12 Oct 2022

History of Quoizel LightingQuoizel Lighting has been a leader in the industry for over 90 years. Founded in 1930 by Michael Chaikin, the company started as a table lamp shop in Manhattan. The name “Quoizel” comes from astrology, having to do with the alignment of several plants at the time of the company’s birth. Chaikin was focused on the curation of hurricane lamps which were fueled off of oil, rather than electricity. The most popular lamp was the Abigail Adams – which Quoizel sold up until a few years ago. As the brand evolved, Quoizel moved into electric lamps and fixtures, starting to offer a full line of hardwire lighting products. In 1964, Ira Phillips came onto the team as Director of Merchandising and Sales. Under his vision, Quoizel became a leader in lighting design and trends. In 1986, Phillips gained sole ownership of the company. One of the main highlights in the Quoizel line is the affordable collection of Tiffany lamps. Quoizel’s unique approach ...

Home Trends for Fall


11 Oct 2022

Autumn leaves are starting to fall, marking the official start of the Fall season. Turning your home over from the bright, lively tone of summer to the warm, calm tone of Fall is critical in keeping your space comfortable. Here are the latest home trends for Fall, and a few Quoizel light fixtures that perfectly fit them!Warm TonesFirst, the most obvious trend is the use of warm toned colors. Tans, neutrals, and caramels are all amongst the main colors that scream Fall. Earth tones fall into this category as well – and greens are in this Fall. This is the perfect way to add a pop of color in your space if you don’t love the all-neutral look. The Fairview Pendant is a great fixture to add to your space to warm up the ambiance. The Western Bronze finish gives a nice chocolate brown look, while the Weathered Brass finish on the inside makes for a warm, cozy glow.Natural ElementsNaturals are still a huge home trend moving into the Fall season. Elements from nature work well with...

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07 Oct 2022


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13 Sep 2022


A Beginner’s Guide to Hardwire Lighting


28 Jul 2022

We get questions all the time from new homeowners about where to start with lighting their home. Itcan be pretty overwhelming at first – what’s the difference between a pendant and a chandelier? Whatsize Island Lighting do I need over my dining room table? Why do you offer four different sizes of thesame vanity light and which do I buy for my bathroom? All valid questions, and all very confusing forthose approaching hardwire for the first time. Here’s a breakdown of the major types of hardwirelighting, and how to apply them in your home.ChandeliersChandeliers are large, focal point fixtures, hung from a single wire in the ceiling. Usually,a Chandelier is the centerpiece of a room, though some more modern chandeliers thatare not symmetrical are used in other spaces. The most common places chandeliers arefound are front entryways, dining room tables, or the center of a living room. IslandChandeliers are a subset of chandeliers, and are typically longer, more rectangularchandeliers made ...

Summer 2022 Outdoor Lighting


25 Jul 2022

Summer is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to update your outdoor space. In the pasttwo years since the pandemic hit, we’ve seen more patios turn into outdoor living spaces equipped withTV’s, bars, couches, firepits, and more. Lighting goes beyond just the classic lantern now – outdoor livingchandeliers and standing lamps have become a huge part of these new spaces. Adding the light youneed to make your outdoor living space functional is critical to your enjoyment of the space. Selectingon trend lighting fixtures that add a focal piece to the area can significantly elevate the area.Here are our top picks for you to elevate your lighting this summer in your outdoor space.1. Rue De Royala. Part of our Copper and Brass Collection, the Rue De Royal Family is one of our bestselling collections. Copper fixtures are a huge home trend right now. Have a copperroof? These fixtures are the perfect way to tie your exterior together. This collectionperfectly pairs the old lantern sty...

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